About Chasewater Runners

Chasewater Runners is a FREE friendly, local, social running club. We are a mixed group of varying abilities. Sessions are structured to meet everyone's needs as far as possible and no runners are ever left behind.

We meet on a Monday evening (6.30 - 7.30pm), Tuesday morning (9.30 - 10.30am), Tuesday evening (6.30 - 7.30pm), Thursday evening (6.30 - 7.30pm) and Saturday morning (8.30 - 10am). For our regular sessions runners must be able to run a minimum of 3 miles, at any pace.

In addition to this we also periodically offer a progressive 9 week course from walk to jog. Go to our beginners course page to see details of the next course. All levels are welcome - the course is designed to allow you to progress at your own pace! Led by qualified, friendly leaders. TOTALLY FREE! Come and join us 🙂

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Meet the leaders

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Hi, I’m Ellen. I set up Chasewater Running club in 2014, when I hosted our first Beginner running course (a six week programme where we help our members to progress from walking to running 5K – similar to the NHS couch to 5K programme). Unfortunately due to other commitments I can't make many sessions anymore and had to step down as a 'formal' leader, however I know you are in incredibly good hands with John, Michelle, Kay, Carl and Victoria! I started running myself at the start of 2014 (shortly after I had set a date for the first running course!). When I began I could barely run 0.5 miles, I am currently training to run two marathons!

I began running to improve my fitness to help with open water swimming; never did I dream I would become ‘a runner’. I will never find running easy, Mo Farah I am not! But I do find running fun, lots and lots of fun – and that is thanks totally to the other leaders and wonderful members of the running club! I look forward to seeing you for a run soon! Dream big and never give up on your dreams X



Hello everyone! I'm Michelle and I mostly run on a Saturday morning. When I'm not running around Chasewater I am kept busy looking after my dog and watching box sets of 90s TV sitcoms. My favourite things are Jaffa cakes, peanut butter kit Kat's and salt and vinegar crisps. .... oh, and running!!! Life is all about balance after all. I have been running for five years and I have been a leader with Chasewater runners for two years now. This club is a family to me and the people in it are the friendliest bunch of runners around! So if you like running and laughing your socks off then we are the club for you. Hope to see you at one of our sessions soon! Michelle x


Hi, my name is John and I lead the Tuesday night sessions.

I joined Chasewater Runners in July 2015 to lose a bit of weight and improve my general fitness, with the help and support of the club I have now taken part in everything from a 5k parkrun to a full Marathon.

As a run leader, I have the opportunity to help others to discover the sense of achievement running can give.



Hi, my names Ian and I will be your leader for Thursday evening interval training sessions.

I've been running for quite a few years covering a range of distances from 5k to Marathons.

I've been with the club for approximately 12 months and soon realised how supportive everyone is no matter what your ability, there'll always be someone to run with and everyone's always made to feel welcome :).


Hi I'm Victoria and I'm going to be supporting the Monday beginners session. I joined Chasewater Runners in December 2016 as I moved into the area and have never looked back- everyone is so lovely and friendly. I've been running for about 7 years (on and off) for weight loss and fitness. This hasn't changed (I'm still trying to feel fitter and lighter) although now I also run because I enjoy it. I am currently training for my first marathon gaining support and guidance from Chasewater Runners, of which that would not have been possible. No matter your speed or goal there will always be someone with you! I look forward to running with you soon 🙂

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