Members Awards

The first official Summer Party for the club seemed the perfect time to recognise some of the incredible work of our runners. These awards were started in August 2016 but will continue yearly. Three awards were chosen by the running club leaders: Beginner of the Year, Male of the Year and Female of the Year. A fourth award was chosen by all of the members of the running club, Runners' Runner of the Year.

Beginner of the Year

Beginner of the Year was awarded to Janey Jones.

A note from Janey: I started running in September 2015 with the beginners course. I hated running at school. But the last few years I'd watch people run past my house and I wish I could do that. Well almost 1 year later I've achieved what I wanted to do and more. I'm not the fastest of runners but I plod along at my own pace. But the main thing is I'm getting out there and doing it (even though sometimes I struggle). I am now hoping to increase my distance and speed over the next year and hoping to do some more charity runs. I was very shocked about being beginner runner of the year and thank you for voting for me.


Male of the Year

Male of the Year was awarded to John Kilkie.

A note from John: I can't believe that it was only a year ago that my partner suggested we should join the Chasewater Runners beginners group. What a great idea, since starting I have slowly improved, made some fantastic friends, ran a half marathon in less than 2 hours and been awarded the club male of the year award. Still can't believe it. Thank you all for the award and the lovely words of congratulations. Who knows what the next 12 months will bring as I take on the role as a run leader and with the excitement of the Cannock Chase Parkrun, can't wait. Thanks again, John 🙂

Female of the Year

Female of the Year was awarded to Kerry Poston.

A note from Kerry: I joined Chasewater runners in July 2015, not as a beginner but a novice. A friend had asked me to run Birmingham HM with her and I'd only ever ran 3 miles before. Another friend recommended Chasewater and came along with me to my 1st run. Everyone was so welcoming. They planned sessions for everyone and I went from 3 to 13.1 in 3 months. I love how encouraging & supportive everyone is and to vote me as female runner of the year, was a shock but an honour I am happy to accept. I've made some good friends and am proud to call myself a Chasewater Runner!

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