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In April 2016 Run England rolled out their new mental health ambassador’s programme. The initiative is supported by Mind, the mental health charity, and England Athletics. The main aims of the programme are to support people who are experiencing mental health problems through encouraging everyone to #runandtalk. I am sure we have all put our running kit and headed out the door without necessarily ‘feeling it’ but have come back with a beaming smile, through this initiative EA hopes to help others feel the same!

We are extremely fortunate at Chasewater Running Club as two of our members have been successfully appointed as mental health ambassadors! George Ashcroft and Becki Corbett have recently announced their positions on our facebook page and we would like to take the opportunity to formally welcome them to the team.

More information will be coming soon about the initiative and how we are integrating it into Chasewater Runners – please check back soon for details.



Hello, I'm Georgena Ashcroft "George". I'm a member of Chasewater Running Club and I'm a volunteer England Athletics Mental Health Ambassador for our club. I joined the club 12 months ago and have gone on to run 5k's, 10k's and a HM, all very slowly, but totally inconceivable last June! One of the many reasons I decided to try running was to put myself in a "better place", find the happy me. I had been through some life changing situations which it is fair to say, had an impact on my mental health. I needed to make changes. Turning to running and all the other things that come with it have helped me become more positive, take back control and move on.

So, when the opportunity came up to become a MHA, I felt it was something I could share and give a little back to the activity that is supporting me. The club is in the early stages of putting together a MH action plan. So, watch this space for more information regarding this exciting project and the support we can give through running.



Our second mental health ambassador is Becki. Becki is hoping that through this position she will be able to help runners and reduce the stigma that still surrounds mental health, not only through Chasewater Runners but also in the wider running community Becki is a keen mud runner and spends large proportions of her life throwing herself over obstacles and rolling around in large muddy puddles!

She will be an asset to the team and we really look forward to helping both her and George develop the action plan.

We are often told that physical activity is good for our bodies and minds, but we also understand that having a mental health issue can make it difficult to get started for a number of reasons ranging from negative body image, lack of self esteem to practical reasons such as having no one to go with or not knowing where to get started.

England Athletics and Run England supported by mind and other mental agencies are committed to improving mental wellbeing through running through national initiatives.

One of the initiatives is called #runandtalk. This is an online campaign to improve mental health through running in England by:

  • Getting people talking about mental health, sharing their experiences and removing stigma.
  • Raising awareness of mental health issues.
  • Supporting people experiencing mental health issues to start, return to and continue running.

One in four of us will have a mental health issue at some point in our lives and most of us go through times when we feel down or blue. By joining together we can break the silence that often surrounds mental health and show that talking about this once taboo issue doesn't need to be difficult.

So we would like to encourage members to '# runandtalk'. To get out for a run with a friend, have a natter and de-stress.

Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental health awareness week is from 08 - 15 October 2016. At Chasewater Runners we believe that running contributes to a persons well-being as well as providing health and fitness benefits. We are extremely lucky to have two wonderful Mental Health Ambassadors, Becki Corbett & Georgena Ashcroft who are part of a new Run England campaign being rolled out across clubs across the country to reduce the stigma around mental health and encourage us all to Run and Talk.  

During mental health awareness week we will be talking about mental health and encouraging everyone who attends our sessions to #RunandTalk and to make donations to our charity of the month, Mind.

#RunandTalk with Chasewater Runners

Our first activity is the FIRST Chasewater Runners #RunandTalk session: Saturday 08 October 2016 - starting from Chasewater Innovation Centre @ 08.30am. This is open to all so please share with family and friends! So get out of the door, get some fresh air and chat with like-minded individuals – a problem shared is a problem halved! Please bring money for hot drinks and breakfast butties after the session at Chase Watersports Centre 🙂 In addition to this we 

Charity run for Mind

In addition to the #RunandTalk session we will be hosting a virtual charity run for Mind (details to be circulated soon).

If you would like any further information about this initiative please do not hesitate to contact us!run-and-talk-for-website-2

Mental Health Support Organisations

Organisation Contact details
Mind   mind
The Samaritans  samaritans

Tel:  116 123

The Blurt Foundation  blurt
Time to Change.  Supported by Mind, a support service for mental health.  tim
Changes – local mental health support charity.  Self referral service.  chnages

Burntwood Changes
Wellbeing Centre
Changes Suite (upstairs)
The Old Mining College
Queen Street
01543 679 000
Your contacts are Jo & Phil


Per and Post Natal Depression Advice and Support


Tel: 0843 28 98 401


Supporting people struggling with eating disorders.


Tel: 0345 634 1414


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